Beau Life

Double The Attention Amazonite Ring

$55.00 USD

Holding two large gorgeous amazonite crystals in an elegant gold or silver claw settings, this makes an eye-catching statement piece. Each ring comes complete with a velvet ring box.

The gold version is 24k gold plated, while the silver version is 925 silver plated.

It is fully adjustable; therefore it can fit anybody's ring size and be swapped between fingers to alternate your look.

The primary material of this ring is copper and the amethyst is an entirely natural mineral. Therefore it's shade may vary from stone to stone.


Qualities: Amazonite has a very powerful filtering effect. It helps to block out stress and absorbs radiation from cell phones, computers, tablets, and all forms of electromagnetic pollution. The stone filters the information passing through your brain and helps align it with your intuition. Amazonite is a truly soothing stone and greatly helps you calm your nerves. The stone also allows you to see both sides of a problem and all points of view.     

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