Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

Having a good night's sleep is one of the most important things in life to make us feel fresh and healthy, yet most people struggle to get a good night's sleep. There are many reasons for this to happen like the use of devices before bedtime, overthinking, or even what we eat and drink.

The side effects of not having a good night's sleep are fatigue, irritability, and forgetfulness, and this is just to name some.

Here some suggestions for a better night's sleep.

Increase your exposure to bright light during the day, natural light during the day helps with your circadian rhythm, improving your energy during the day and quality of sleep at nighttime.

Exercise daily! It is no secret that exercising improves your health and ensures a good night's sleep. However, avoid doing exercise too late in the day otherwise you may feel alert and energized instead of ready for sleep.

Make your bedroom a pleasant and comfortable place to be in, create a space that feels special to you, and invest in a pillow and/or mattress if needed, this has a greater effect on sleeping quality. Another important thing to have in mind is to have total darkness when sleeping, having blackout curtains or a sleep mask will do the trick.

Create your bedtime ritual, a good idea is to start by disconnecting from your devices, this will not only slow your mind down as well help you avoid being exposed to a strong artificial light that keeps you alert. Include a self-care practice like a nice bath or auto-massage, make this moment unique and enjoyable. Meditation is also a great activity to add to your ritual, this is truly a powerful way to slow and calm down the mind and if you have, place an amethyst nearby you while meditating or at your bedside table, amethyst is one of my favorites crystals and helps provide a night of restful sleep. 

Be mindful of what you eat before bedtime, avoid fried food including chips and coffee. Try some fruit such as cherries or bananas, have warm milk or camomile tea but avoid drinking too much before bedtime to keep you from waking up during the night to go to the bathroom. Almonds and walnuts are also exceptional snacks before bed.

Try to have a regular sleeping pattern. I know this one is hard, especially on weekends but do your best since this is a key factor. With a regular sleeping pattern, your body will know exactly when it's time for bed.

And finally, if you can't fall asleep, get up! Staying in bed when you can't fall asleep is a big no, no. Go for a walk around the house, have a warm drink, read but whatever you do, don't turn on your screens. Avoid thinking too much about the fact that you can't fall asleep since it will only stress you out and make things worse. Go back to bed once you feel sleepy.

Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve a good night's sleep.

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