The Power of Zircon – Healing Crystals

Zircon is a mineral that comes in many different colors but one of the most loved is the blue gem. Blue crystals are often associated with wisdom, communication – throat chakra, self-expression, and connection to the divine, and the Zircon is not an exception. This mesmerizing gem protects and attracts energy.

Zircon is extremely helpful in connecting you with the divine and for spiritual growth by attracting that amazing energy to you. It also protects your energy thus, bringing you more joy and self-love, allowing you to appreciate life and be more enthusiastic. It's an exceptional crystal to use as a necklace because it's close to the throat chakra and you can use it when you feel overwhelmed or for communication improvement. 

Zircon increases your goodness and dignity, promoting self-love, self-worth, and self-respect to ensure that you will be treated as you deserve. So it's especially handy when you have someone in your life that treats you less than you are worth, even if that someone is you. This amazing crystal brings wisdom and with that, the ability for more confident self-expression. All these benefits have a great, positive impact when facing life tribulations. Furthermore, if you're going through a dark time in your life, Zircon will instigate your desire and enthusiasm to live life to its fullest.

This gem amplifies energy and it works really well with Clear Quartz, in fact, Clear Quartz works extremely well with basically any crystal by amplifying and directing its energies. It's one of the must-haves for any crystal collection. It's an amazing healing crystal that helps you connect with the divine, brings clarity of mind and it's great for purification and cleansing. You can combine this crystal with the Zircon by using a Clear Quartz bracelet for instance.

Zircon qualities are often underestimated but this is undoubtedly a powerful crystal and a great companion to have. Hope you'd enjoyed these insights about Zircon!

Happy healing journey!

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