The Power Behind Pendulums. Use Them For Better Decision Making

What Exactly is a Pendulum and How Does it Work?

If you are into divination, tarot cards and crystals, you are sure to love the mystical pendulum! A pendulum is a weight on the end of a string or chain, and it is also called a divining rod. When used for divination the pendulum has as its weight a gemstone that is used as a tool for connecting with your higher self in search of clarity, wisdom and to aid decision making. The pendulum is used by clairvoyants and others in the search for answers. It is best suitable for yes or no questions about people's health, love, career and their future.

How Can a Crystal or Pendulum Help?

A crystal or pendulum can help you make decisions by providing a clear answer to your question. This is because the pendulum and or crystal has a natural energy that can be used to answer your questions. When using a pendulum, use it to make some questions at a time instead of a bunch of inquiries, otherwise you may start to get murky answers. Remember that it is a spiritual practice so give it the importance that it deserves and savor the moment.

Pendulums and Crystals are Powerful Tools - Here's What You Need To Know

To begin with, you need to find the right pendulum and crystal for you, if you are unsure use your intuition to guide you. Then, do as you should with any new crystal and cleanse it, this will remove any stagnant energy. Now, the fun part! Start by kindly asking the pendulum to show you the movement for yes and no and do a quick test with questions to which you already know the answer. Keep the concentration and connect with the crystal energy, don't rush, take your time during the discovery phase. Then plan your burning questions, about that thing that you feel indecisive, concerned about or simply need to decide something, and go for it, be careful to phrase your questions in a way that is suitable for yes or no questions. The way you use a pendulum or crystal for decision-making is by holding the object in your hand, asking your question, and then letting it move freely. The movement of the object will show you which answer is correct.

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