How to make a manifestation board

Creating a vision or manifestation board is fun and exciting! Think of it as putting your goals visually that works as an anchor each time you see it. It's a visual reminder of your dreams and aspirations, and it should feel encouraging and recomforting. Having a vision board is an excellent way of manifesting and fulfilling your dreams. To be successful with manifestation you have to set clear intentions and work hard towards your dream, it won't happen overnight, but if you believe it, you can attain it!

After setting your main goals and dreams, begin by choosing the medium, like for instance, a canvas, paper or cardboard, and markers, brush, paint, or other types of material. Everything is possible, to write, draw, paint or even collage, so have fun with it! If you need some tips about setting clear goals, take a look at this article about the power of goal setting for life improvement with some guidance.

The purpose is for you to visualize your goals, track them, boost your confidence, and keep motivated along the way. So you can, for example, write your goal and a to-do list to achieve that goal, and cross it down as you move forward. And you can choose pictures on the internet and print them out, or select pictures from magazines and cut them out.

Start by Grabbing a good size canvas, choosing your favorite color scheme, and choosing the paint for the background. Next, search for images, textures, or quotes that represent what you wish the year to be, this is very personal so make it your own, make it special and enticing. For instance, if you wish to travel, pick images of places where you want to go, something that resonates with your wishes and makes it your reality. You can have images, notes, and affirmations that you can update throughout the year. Before gluing the images onto the canvas and placing your notes, place everything on the board to see how it looks and rearrange them if necessary. After that, it's just a matter of gluing everything and letting it dry before placing it in a designated space. Ideally, you should put your manifestation board in a place where you can see it daily.

For more tips and a visual reference, check out this amazing video from Vanessa Somuayina!

Final tip! You can also use crystals to strengthen your manifestation energy, and you select them by intention. For success and career you may choose Pyrite or Citrine, whereas, for the love you can pick Rose Quartz, Quartz is a great selection for health and for dreams, the Celestine, and Amethyst!

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