A Guide to Moonstone Crystal: Healing Properties and Uses

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a gemstone that is often associated with intuition and spiritual healing. It is a stone of new beginnings and is connected to the moon, intuition, and femininity. Just like the moon reflects the sun the stone is very reflective and reminds us that as the moon travels through its cycles so do our lives. Moonstone is associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakra, and it's Libra's birthstone. Although it's most commonly found in shades of white, grey, and cream, moonstone can also be found in colors like black or peach. All with a milky color and a mesmerizing shine, making it a favorite gemstone for both jewelry makers and collectors.

Healing Properties of Moonstone and How to Use It

Moonstone is a variety of gemstones that have distinct energy, which can be harnessed by those who understand how to. The healing properties of moonstone are versatile and diverse, and it can be used for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

The stone's most powerful effect is that it calms the emotions and helps to release stress. So it can be positioned in a place where conflicts or strong emotions can happen, like a meeting room or a living room. Moonstone crystal facilitates the connection with higher realms and divinity, it helps with concentration and enhances intuition. It can help with issues of mental confusion, and stress and give clarity to decision-making. It's believed to be one of the most soothing stones for the emotional body.

Uses of Moonstones in Daily Life

This stone is associated with intuition and spiritual healing, and can be worn alone or as part of a necklace, rings or earrings. Wearing this crystal really allows you to take the most out of it. Moonstone can also be placed at home or workplace in areas where tension may emerge to bring more balance.

Moonstone is a stone that has been used for centuries to represent the divine and emotional balance. It is a stone for bringing harmony and represents divine and emotional balance making it a powerful stone for bringing peace to people.

Bring some magine and divine energy into your life with moonstone crystal and embrace the positive and comforting energy so much needed during times of change. 

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